Meet Our Missionaries


Missionary Name Number Country of Ministry Ministry Focus
Encouragement Fund EF Designed to assist missionaries with short term decline in donations and emergencies.  

Rev. Tony Allan and Linda Allan

154 Nigeria Church Leadership, Community Children’s events, Bible College leadership and teaching, Medical Center Coordination
Michael & Joyce Allen 902 United States  
Della Bergen 777 United States Children’s Ministry through Here to Serve
Ryan & Kyla Bleyenberg 846 Canada Children’s/Teen Ministry, Community Outreach
Carol Case 364 Southeast Asia Urban missions, bible college training
Fishers of Men 293 Europe  
Romon & Melinda Gore 706 Bolivia  
Keith & Sharon Higginbotham 312 Thailand Church Pastors, Bible College Directors
Mark & Altia Legters 856 Mexico Christian School Teachers, Church Pastors, Community Leader Group Member, Church Leader Training, Summer Youth and Children’s Camps
Cherry (Mair) Urich 874 International Minister Retreat Host, Part-time Missions Trips, Bible Study Leader, Church Leader Mentoring
Fred Porch 544 Philippines Church planting and leadership
Carol Smith 510 Philippines Church Leadership, Bible College Leadership and Teaching, Community and Church Seminars
Shawna Snow 206 Netherlands Children’s/Teen Education through art
H S 380 Asia  
P K 430 Asia  
L B 473 Asia  
T K 482 Asia  
B R 456 Asia  
R W 326 Asia  

Jackie Meneses          148                  United States        Relational ministry based                                                                                                   out of God’s  Resort

Amek & Molly Conklin   733          United States             Refugee &   immigrant, mothers and                                                                                                children, storytelling


For safety and security reasons, not all of our missionaries are listed.  If your missionary is not shown, call the NTNI office 1-877-838-9032.

Countries of Ministry